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"Allison Shields is a writer who so eloquently captures the multifaceted intimacies between characters and gifts readers with profound glimpses into their lives. These characters are real, and they are messy in the most human of ways in their desire to love and be loved. Emotionally complex, Shields strives to explore what it means to feel both connection and isolation in searing portraits that shimmer with quiet intensity."


Jaiden Dembo (she/her)

Marketing and Publicity Associate from Aresenal Pulp Press

“During her workshop on poetry and writing, Allie demosntrated techniques and the practice of the craft in a way that was not only accesible to my high-school students but allowed them to engage with it in, and outside of the classroom.  Her presence was energizing, and even got a lot of my quieter students come out of their shells. After the workshop, I had some students reach out and request some poetry recommendations.”

Jessica DeVries

Educator from the Surrey School District 

“I"I have known Allie for over a year. At KPU, she was able to create an active, safe community for writers who support and learn with each other every day. It is a mark of her caring, welcoming personality, as well as her own skills as a writer, that so many of our peers in the Creative Writing department can so easily place our confidence on her."

-Thales Del Tetto (He/Him). Creative Writing Student at KPU

Educational Background


Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing-Kwantlen Polytechnique University (2023)

Educational Assistant Certification- DTAC-(2015)

TEFL Certification- International Teacher Training Organziation

Baking and Pastry Arts Certification- (2012)

Workshop Facilitator

Richmond Children's Art Festival (2024)

"Ready, Set, Write!" and "Immersive Words" Workshops

  • Developed and led a creative writing workshop tailored for the Richmond Children's Arts Festival, integrating themed writing exercises, collaborative activities, and opportunities for presentation aimed at fostering artistic expression and community engagement among children aged 5-12

  • Align workshop activities with the festival's objectives, emphasizing interdisciplinary storytelling and peer interaction along with ensuring lessons held values of inclusivity by providing different models of accessibility. Providing a safe space and platform for participants to showcase their work, contributing to a vibrant and inclusive creative atmosphere at the event.


Richmond School District (2023)


Cook Elementary Story-Telling and Early Fiction Workshop in Grade's 2/3 and 4/5 (2023)

  • engaged the students by introducing them to the outside environment to establish setting 

  • Supported their individual creativity and curiosity with descriptive objects allowed them to use their newfound knowledge to make connections with how stories can be built

Pal Fish: Reading with Ms. Allie Series (2021)

  • Connected with an online community to build a workshop around the interests of ELL school-age children and adults 

  • Developed weekly reading series which included a story, songs and participation of attendees 

  • Opened panel to answer questions and feedback from participants


Surrey School District (2019)

Tamanawis Secondary Writing Workshop on Memorization and Poetry (2019)

  • Met with administrators to organize and plan workshop targeting the age group in attendance while maintaining district's protocols 

  • Adapted activities to include vulnerable students 

  • Developed interactive games thus creating a fun and engaging environment



Richmond School District (2017-2023)

  • Supporting and adapting classwork for students 

  • Assisted in implementing Individual Education Programs (IEPs) for students 

  • Produced accurate and up-to-date records and progress reports for students 

  • Planned learning activities and participated in school trips with teachers 

  • Organized and maintained books, learning materials and resources 

  • Mentored Educational Assistant practicum students

Essential Service Educator (March-May 2019)

  • Provided necessary child care and educational assistance for essential service workers during pandemic 

  • Created educational and art resources for the elementary level 

  • Adhered to cleaning and safety protocols as directed by the provincial

Queen Mary's Boarding School UK Years K-11 (2017-2018)

  • Provided emotional support and overall needs for boarders and students 

  • Assisted with the preparation and the running of weekend school activities with students

  • Supported students and Teachers In Early Years Education Assisted with laundry and overseeing junior bedtimes

Community Ventures Society-(2017)

Summer Camp Counsellor 

  • Provided general support and one-to-one care for children (4 to 18 years) with physical disabilities, including personal care (showers and diaper changes), G-tube feedings and flushes, oral feeding 

  • Used lifts and performed transfers 

  • Planned camp activities, including outings and crafts 

  • Prepared meals for staff and campers

Surrey School District 2015- (2016-2017)

  • Provided general support to the teacher in the management of students K-12 and the classroom, with one-to-one assistance to students with special needs, those with physical disabilities and ELL 

  • Developed a series of charts to simplify morning transitions for primary students Created a successful, positive reinforcement program for a student struggling with math concepts 

  • Applied strategies learned at Resilience/Anxiety workshop to help student with anxiety

Writing Experience

in the Community


Richmond School District: Tomsett Elementary Library (2023)

  • Collaborated with Librarian during National Poetry Month to facilitate a poetry competition for the school 

  • Acted as a co-judge during completion and helped with the promotion of the contest 

  • Researched and provided resources for those interested in submitting their poetry

SAD MAG: Freelance Journalist (2022-2023)

  • Connected with interviewees, organized time of interview 

  • Researched information about the subject and created fun and compelling questions 

  • Conducted and Wrote interviews and provided SAD Team with photos, and quotes to include on online journal

The Coffee Archives: Host and Facilitator of Open Mic (2022)

  • Sourced prizes from local Canadian writers 

  • Promoted and advertised event around KPU campus and other local artists 

  • Cultivated safe space and prioritized accessibility needs to performers who required support

Creative People Who Write: Creator and Mediator of KPU Writing Community Group (2020-2023)

  • Organized a Creative Writing Writer's Camping Retreat at a Maple Ridge Hobby Farm. 

  • Focused on an inclusive environment for members to share work, receive feedback 

  • Provided research as well as cultivated a space where members could post and offer writing resources to other members


The Gallery Blog; Pandemic Art Newsletter: Founder and Editor (2020-2021)

  • Networked with local emerging artists in the community to build artist submission interest 

  • Hired and collaborated with team which assisted in the development of monthly issues 

  • Created an inclusive community and highlighted art being made during the pandemic



I Like Your Dress (2019-2023)

  • Host of the podcast I Like Your Dress which spotlights businesses and causes that support inclusivity, social justice, environment and meaningful practices in the city. 

  • Developed website and designed social media posts 

  • Connected and liaised with guests for the show

  • Demonstrated excellent networking and use of marketing skill set for establishing fan base and future growth


Podcast Guest

  • Time for Your Hobby: June 14, 2020

  • Cave Goblins Radio: February 12, 2020

Performance History


  • Jazz Session: Open Mic- (05/18/2023)

  • Unbound Delta’s Poetry Festival: Feature-(04/15/2023)

  • Chapter’s: Open Mic- (2019)

  • Cafe Du Soleil: Open Mic-(2017)




  • “The Loveyards”: New Zealand's Publication Rat World Mag (2022)


  • “Growing Pains”: SFU The Lyre Literary Magazine (2017)




  • “An Interview with Jason Karman, Director of Golden Delicious”: SAD MAG-(02/23/23)

  • “Arcana: The Making of a Pop Reflections”: SAD MAG-  (01/23/2023)

  • “New Sounds, New Beginnings: A Conversation with AC-PDF”: SAD MAG (08/30/22)

  • “A World Not So Far Off: A Review of Jesse Pickett’s Short Film, Reformat”: SAD Mag (10/30/2022)

Awards and Accolades

  • Finalist for PIPS Creative Writing Award (2022)

  • Finalist for The Terry and David Atkinson Award (2022)

  • Voted top 5 "Indie Pods We're Loving" from Castbox (2020)

  • Recipient of the Laura Szendrei Memorial Scholarship (2013)

Residencies and Retreats



  • Recipient of Massy Voices Grant for “The Fireplace Consult Mini-Series” (2023)

  • Selected Candidate for The Words in the Woods Writer's Retreat (2022)


  • Vancouver Writers Festival (2022)

  • Children’s Hospital (2017)

  • Bard on the Beach (2014)

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